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Coldwell Banker

Coldwell Banker is the largest and oldest real estate company in world. With over 3200 offices in over 50 countries, the Coldwell Banker network boasts over 89,000 professionals. It is with this type of world wide reach that Coldwell Banker agents are able to market not only to their local market, but globally as well. 
When you choose Coldwell Banker Vantage Realty for your real estate needs, we can provide you with a radical and effective solution to marketing globally. Coldwell Banker is the only real estate company that has created a dedicated channel on YouTube for real estate, Coldwell Banker On Location. Since launching in 2009, On Location has reached over 2 million visitors and grows by the second. Browse listings all over the world, access neighbourhood videos, tips and much more. has been redefining real estate search with the release of Bluescape, an search engine interface allowing people to search homes using images.
The cornerstone to the Coldwell Banker philosophy is innovation. That's why Vantage Realty has designed the office website with strictSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) rules so that the amount of visits is maximized, while providing a simple and effective interface. Furthermore, up-to-date statistics are able to be provided, enabling listings to be morphed based on website traffic. Follow Vantage Realty on Facebook and Twitter for current market news and listings. As well, view over 500 articles on home ownership, maintenance and much more. Coldwell Banker, We Never Stop Moving